About The Tournaments

The idea behind the Robin Hood Skirmish started after a challenge came from a school guidance counselor to go all in on an idea that inspired positive change in the community.  From there, the idea spread like wildfire, using the best parts of past tournaments attended as a roadmap to how we envisioned these tournament weekends playing out.

We feel these tournaments will quickly become an annual destination for teams from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and British Columbia.  With warm sunny weather, unrivaled venues, and first class vendors, there’s no better places to play.

While these are benefit tournaments to help local players avoid financial barriers that sometimes become a hurdle, this tournament is not managed by, or affiliated with, any local youth program.  This gives us the flexibility where to donate proceeds to make the biggest impact possible.

Additionally, we hope to help equip any player who needs it, with the necessary safety equipment to play without risk of injury.  If you would like to help as well, we have set up a campaign to raise funds for helmets, pads, and good shoes to prevent injuries on the field.

We are a 501c3 organization within the State of Oregon.

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