While Sherwood, OR is where we put down our roots with the first tournament, Mesa, AZ will become our flagship tournament.

With 14 fields reserved (17 playable), this facility is a destination for all teams that join us, with highlights including:

  • 10 turf and 7 grass fields, including the stadium
  • 5 game guarantee, supporting up to 215 teams
  • Scoreboards, lights, and PA systems at each field
  • Almost 2 dozen food and retail vendor options
  • Perfect weather with average temps in the low 70s

Just as in Sherwood, we are partnering with local lacrosse players and programs and maintaining a community atmosphere over the course of the weekend is our number one priority.

Retail vendors onsite
Lacrosse Wolf
Cradle Baby
Salty Lacrosse
N&D Sports (USA Lacrosse Apparel)
Rush Apparel Official Tournament apparel
Kai Athletic (Team uniforms from Prolook)